Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opportunity - take action NOW!

More Housing Struggles

U.S. market will stay problematic until at least next summer, Mortgage Bankers Association forecasts. San Francisco Chronicle, Wednesday October 22, 2008

In times of uncertainty, with news headlines being so negative, does anyone stop to read the whole story? NO! Headlines sell the paper and, unfortunately, conversation around the water cooler the next morning is too often confined to just the headlines read and not the content missed. I say this because I too used to be a headline reader and never take the time to read the entire story.

Contrary to what headlines proclaim, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, Carpinteria, and even North County properties are all selling, and buyers are acquiring some of the best buys these markets have offered in over 15 years.
It doesn’t take long to figure out why so many transactions are being consummated at this seemingly perilous time. Astute buyers are taking advantage of what the rest of the country is running away from - OPPORTUNITY.

Opportunity is the effect created by a combination of favorable circumstances that offer some kind of advantage within there intersection.

Within every disaster there are opportunities and the buyers that take advantage of today’s doom and gloom headlines are those who have read the entire story and understand that a combination of many factors offer some of the best buying conditions - large inventory, historically low interest rates, and high seller motivation.

My point? Don’t be left out, take action NOW.

While many are rushing out the door, be the one rushing in to negotiate and buy! This window will close and it will close quickly and without notice. NOW is the time to take action, take the opportunity.

I have been a realtor for over 23 years. My knowledge and insight of the market are keen and proven. Contact me so I can help you take advantage of this incredible time in the real estate market.

Warren Buffett one of the wealthiest men in the world recently was quoted saying “it’s time to buy America”

It’s time to buy Santa Barbara!