Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don’t Miss The Boat!

This time around, "don’t miss the boat!"

How many times have you heard that statement in your life? Well, I’m saying it loud, and clear,  to anyone who has been sitting on the fence about investing or purchasing in Santa Barbara. 

Montecito, Hope Ranch, or Santa Barbara, it doesn’t matter in what location your interest lies, there are opportunities in every price range and neighborhood.

World renown architects and builders, like George Washington Smith, Reginald Johnson, William Plunkett, Bertram Goodhue have left a legacy in local real estate here in Santa Barbara, having designed and built properties that only a few can afford and treasure.  If you dream of owning an estate that is truly a piece of history, some of the great architectural estates in the country are available to purchase today, right in our own backyard!

Santa Barbara is the destination of a life time……Now is the time to make that dream come true.
Make the call and together let's explore this incredible community on the Pacific Coast of California.  With my 26 years of listing and selling experience in the area, I will open doors to  some of the greatest properties in the country.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Unique Perspective

Being a native of Santa Barbara allows me the ability to see our community through a totally unique perspective. Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch were my play ground growing up. Long bike rides to Hammonds Meadow and Padaro Lane beaches were a part of every summer. Exploratory hikes through the Las Padres National Forest long before they were chronicled on a web site or hiker’s guide were part of every spring after the winter rain replenished the aquifers and creeks.

These rugged trails took me to enchanting destinations, stunning water falls and cool inviting swimming holes among the massive sandstone boulders of Mission Creek. Day trips with friends and lazy afternoons swimming in the Santa Ynez River long before the creation of the Santa Rita Hills appellation and the now world famous Pinot, Syrah and Chardonnay will always be a part of my youthful memories. Today these memories and explorations allow me to share this history and insight with my clients who want to know more than just the price of a home in the Santa Barbara’s historic Upper East or Montecito’s Golden Quadrangle  .

Santa Barbara is the American Rivera, perched between the majestic Santa Ynez Mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. A destination in the world that offers what everyone wants in a community they can call home. Beautiful sandy beaches, long warm summer evenings and the best kept secret by far, the glorious “pink moments”  of winter when the magnificent Santa Ynez Mountains are bathed in the pink glow of the setting sun and the stately Channel Islands appear to be painted on the horizon.

Now more than ever is your opportunity to take advantage of this truly stunning city located on the Central Coast of California. Prices have never been this affordable and may never be again. Yes, it is true, our market is storming back to life!  It is emerging from the recession.  Now is the time to take advantage of this market, before the inevitable resumption of climbing home prices begin to advance to new levels.

I have been selling homes in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, Carpinteria and the Santa Ynez Valley for over 25 years. Call me and together let's explore this amazing and beautiful piece of American Paradise.