Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a new in the Moment!

2009 will be a year of change and contrast. As we start the New Year, everyone I speak to asks the same question,

"What will the 2009 real estate market be like?

My answer to this question is always consistent. "Buy NOW and take advantage of the increased inventory, historically low interest rates, and heighten seller motivation."

These conditions will not linger nor will they last. In 23 years of selling homes and land in Southern Santa Barbara County, never have I witnessed all three of these conditions come together in unison.
The other part of my message is if you are not in the position to buy or need to sell, take full advantage of the low interest rates being offered and re-finance your home. Again these incredible rates will not be a steadfast benchmark. As inflation pressures increase and the economy begins to re-bound, the rates will rise and opportunity will be missed. Be one of the leaders "living in the moment" and don't waste this chance to place your homes mortgage in a safe and sound future.

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Best Always,