Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Santa Barbara Real Estate Trends: 3 Ways Buyers Have the Advantage

2010 will be known as the beginning of the recovering economy and new markets in real estate. During these uncertain times, we still wonder: have the economy and real estate market finally hit bottom?

One thing is for certain - new opportunities abound in buying Santa Barbara real estate and investment property. Santa Barbara real estate trends will inevitably dip to their lowest, but so will interest rates for home loans. This is the perfect time to get involved with the Santa Barbara real estate market.

Living through these times is challenging, but we will all have a story to tell about what it was like to live through a very difficult period and come out the other side. Your story about surviving the big recession could be as transformative as the new economy if you take the opportunity to invest in income property, find your new home, or refinance your mortgage.

Think of the bragging rights you’ll have years from now if you take advantage of the current Santa Barbara real estate market conditions:

  1. Refinance your existing mortgage. Current interest rates are below historic lows.
  2. Purchase real estate NOW! Elevated inventories and seller motivation are at all time highs.
  3. Invest in income property. In 25 years of selling property in the area we have never seen the affordability this attractive. This is by far one of the best ways to provide passive income to your retirement portfolio.

You can listen to the talking heads and watch the news religiously; they all have their slant (or their major stock holders' slant) on what the future will bring. In the end, slow and steady confidence in the financial sector and diligent planning from the business leaders will bring the country and world back to profitable times.

By purchasing property now, you become the driving force behind the upward trend in your own Santa Barbara real estate investment.

Craft your success story of investing in Santa Barbara real estate and property today by contacting Santa Barbara Realtor John Sener. In 24 years of listing and selling properties in Santa Barbara and Montecito, John Sener has built a superb team of marketing specialists, contractors, service people and consultants to help you in every aspect of your real estate needs. John Sener and his remarkable team will help you plan your pathway to Santa Barbara real estate buying, selling, or investment. Contact John at (805) 331-7402 or visit JohnSener.com.

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